What Are the Benefits of Getting Student Insurance in Switzerland

What Are the Benefits of Getting Student Insurance in Switzerland

Why do people decide to study in Switzerland? Certainly not because of its exceptional natural beauties, tasty chocolate or cheese. Maybe because of the high standard of living and the multicultural environment. But first and foremost, because of the unparalleled quality of the Swiss educational system, the innovation characteristic of this Central European country’s economy and the large scope of options opening up to all those who have graduated from any of the Swiss universities.

Having chosen the studies and fulfilled all the material requirements, such as the visa, scholarship, consent to enroll at the desired university, etc., you will also need an appropriate insurance coverage.

If you are in Switzerland for less than three months, you may be exempted from the requirement for holding basic health insurance if you have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), your own health insurance policy, travel insurance or a company healthcare plan. However, you may want this confirmed by the cantonal authorities in the place where you plan to study.

If you already have an EHIC you can get public medical treatment in Switzerland at a reduced cost while you are in the country for the first three months. EHIC does not cover private treatment.

After three months, all foreign students will be required to apply for a health insurance plan that complies with the Swiss national health insurance scheme KVG-LAMal.

Swiss insurance rules are stricter than in other countries. Even though the foreign students must hold the domicile mandatory insurance, this requirements also has benefits.

Swiss health care system is truly outstanding. It comprises a network of highly qualified doctors and hospitals equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for diagnostics and treatment.

A free state health service does not exist in Switzerland. The Swiss healthcare system is not tax-based or financed by employers but is paid for by the individual through contributions into health insurance schemes.

A benefit of getting student insurance in Switzerland also lies in the fact that Switzerland, apart from being the country of bankers and clock-makers, is also the insurance hub. Swiss insurers are among the best globally, so the quality and reliability of the service provided is extraordinary – just like most of the other things about Switzerland.

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