Student Health Insurance Comparison

Student Health Insurance Plans for International Students in Switzerland - The Most Affordable Student Health Insurance

These past few months we received a lot of questions regarding student health insurance in Switzerland. The single most frequently asked question we received was: 'Which insurance is the most affordable in Switzerland at the moment?'. That is why we decided to conduct a research in order to find out the answer.

If you are looking for affordable insurance plan options, please have a look at our student insurance plan comparison to find out which insurance plan is the most affordable one.

Have in mind that these insurance plans fully comply with the compulsory Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal).

Insurance providers/Deductible options 0 100 300 500
SOS Evasan SA / MGEN Insurance CHF 96 CHF 89 CHF 84 CHF 79
Swisscare / ERV x x CHF 99 CHF 83
Advisor - Swiss / MGEN Insurance x CHF 129 CHF 109 CHF 99
Scorestudies / Allianz Care x x x CHF 126

*prices in this table are monthly premiums

Please note: The comparison we made is subject to change as insurer providers have the full right to change its prices.

If you have additional questions or you need any help with changing your current student insurance provider, we can help you. You may contact us by email: