Thinking about Internships: Here Is What You Need to Know

Thinking about Internships: Here Is What You Need to Know

Are you about to start your internship or are you considering choosing one? At some point in our life, during or after the university, or even before, it is time to make a decision: should we do it or not? There are advantages and disadvantages to be considered before starting, but we can assure you that it is a mostly positive experience. If you are thinking about it, here are several facts that can help make your decision.

Practice Is Important

An internship is of a high value, because of its practical benefits. It can give you more insights into the field of your possible future work. Furthermore, by choosing an internship, you will gain more experience than your university can ever offer. One thing to know is the theoretical part, the other more important thing is the practical and real one. What you will be facing in your life, will always be the practice. It is much better to learn things first, gain some confidence during an internship and then start working.

University and Internships

You can choose to do an internship while studying or at the end of your studies. In some universities an internship is mandatory, while other ones offer the possibility of choosing to do it or not, or the possibility to follow seminars and conferences instead of the internship. There are also some universities that do not provide an internship, so it is advisable that you look for it by yourself for your own interest. If given a chance to do one, it might be very challenging, but at the same time real fun to get an idea of what might interest you. Better try and regret, than never try and make the wrong choice later in future, by choosing what does not suit you.

New Skills to Put in Your CV

You can think about it as an important part of your CV. Once you are done with it, there are new skills to be added to your CV. The importance of it is going to affect your career later, while searching for a job. Many companies appreciate internships, as it shows your involvement and interest in working. After university most students are without experience, and lack of experience could cost you a job opportunity. Experience is the important fact, if not given shortly after graduating, you will find it much more difficult to be hired by a future employer.

Connection and Business Network

However, during your internship, you will have the chance to meet new people and make contacts to build your network. Knowing people can be of a great help in the future. Friendship or just connection sometimes can do much more than trying desperately by yourself to find a job. Contacts are crucial, they are really important for your future. Along with an internship you may make good friends, that will stay for the rest of your life.

The Company Might Hire You

If you prove yourself during an internship, the company that offered you the internship might actually hire you at the end. But to succeed in getting a temporary or permanent job, you have to be really good at it and give the best of you. By showing people that you are a quick learner and have a great capacity, you will intrigue them. Consequently, they might offer you a job or you could stay in contact with them, waiting for some open positions to apply for. Knowing that you have once worked there, your chances will be better among other possibly suitable candidates.

Experience Matters

Negative experiences are also possible. You might be badly surprised and find something that you did not apply for. It depends on the company’s availability and on your interest. Sometimes, the job could be stressful or boring. In that case, nothing is lost. It is just one new experience, one new challenge to be overcome, after which you will be smarter at making future decisions. It is good to find out what you like earlier, then regret it later.

Different Kinds of Internships

You can try many kinds of internships and see what do you like the most. The more skills you have, the better your CV will look. Meanwhile, you can see which one fits you the most. It is never late to try a new one, before finally deciding in which field to settle down. As there are many kinds of internships, there are also paid and unpaid ones. Logically, the better ones are paid ones. That way you can earn money while gaining experience. The other way you can gain experience, and maybe even if not paid, it can have a good impact on your career if you meet the right person and make good connections.

An Unforgettable Experience

All in all, success or waste of time, it allows you to get a better insight in what you want to end up doing later. On your way, there will be a lot of opportunities for internships and jobs, but the first experience is a unique and unforgettable one! Now, after considering what you need to know before deciding whether to start one, we wish you the best of luck with your search!

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