Cost of Living in Switzerland

Cost of Living in Switzerland

As most of you already know, cost of living in Switzerland is relatively high. According to some studies life in Switzerland is more expensive than life in the rest of the countries in Europe. Still, it appears that the number of foreign students enrolling at Swiss universities is bigger than ever.

In this blog post you will have the chance to read more about cost of living in Switzerland. Also, we hope this text can be helpful for future students planning to pursue their degree in Switzerland.

Cost of Accommodation

Paying for accommodation is likely to be your biggest expense in Switzerland. Detailed report on accommodation you can find here.


Expect to pay more for food because food items in Switzerland are more costly than in other European cities. If you plan to eat at restaurants have in mind that restaurant prices are exceedingly expensive in Switzerland. In some restaurants you will need to pay approximately CHF 50 - 100 for dinner.

Price List-Markets

-coca cola 500 ml (CHF 2.75)

-milk/1 I (CHF 1.15-1.80)

-water/1.5 I (CHF 0.80-1.80)

-fruit/1kg (CHF 2.50-5.00)

-vegetable/1kg (CHF 2.00-5.00)

-beef/1kg (CHF 35.00-60.00)

-cigarettes (CHF 7)


-coffee (CHF 3-5)

-water/0.33I (CHF 2.00-4.50)

-beer/0.5I (CHF 5.00-8.00)

-meal for 2 people (CHF 70.00-120.00)

-meal at McDonalds (CHF 11)


Switzerland is famous for having most reliable public transport services in the world. Also, prices are very excessive due to high standard of public transport. Swiss roads are well maintained and the mobility is excellent in city centers.

Price list

-taxi/per km (CHF 3.90)

-bus (CHF 4.50)

-petrol, gasoline/per litre (CHF 2)

-short journey ticket/valid for an hour (around CHF 2.60)

-train/1st-class fares (CHF 80), 2nd-class fares (CHF 40 per 100 km)

-vignette/a form of road pricing (CHF 40)


When it comes to education Switzerland is also famous for high standard education system. Swiss universities are among the best in the world.

Tuition fees

-annual tuition fee (between CHF 830 and CHF 1,300)

*some universities charge a much higher fee- University of Lugano charges about CHF 3,500 per year

-private universities (from CHF 800 to CHF 8,500)

Health insurance

Everyone living in Switzerland must have health insurance. After three months in Switzerland you have to obtain your health insurance plan. If you want to choose a health insurance company you are free to do it. Health insurance plans and prices may vary depending on your canton of residence.

Facts about Switzerland

Zurich and Geneva are the two most expensive places in Europe.

Switzerland offers excellent quality of life, salaries are high and unemployment rate is law.

Switzerland is one of the most economically stable countries in the world.

Switzerland maintains the highest standards on public transport in Europe.

Switzerland is not a member of European Union.

Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Switzerland has one of the highest proportions of foreigners in Europe.

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