The Perks of Living in Switzerland

The Perks of Living in Switzerland

People around the world generally admire the Swiss way of life. Those who have visited or plan to visit this country have many reasons to be impressed. We’ll name just a few that make living in Switzerland a special experience.

No Language Barriers

Four official languages are spoken in this country. Besides, most people speak English. Knowledge of other official languages is mandatory because they are taught at primary schools. If you try to make a conversation in French with a German-speaking resident, it shouldn’t be a problem. Likewise, the French-speaking citizens will most probably understand anything you tell them in German. With no language barriers, it is very easy for foreigners to get around.

Educational Infrastructure

Switzerland has a very high standard of education, maybe the highest in the world. Its universities are used as a benchmark by many other academic institutions globally.

Low Crime Rate

Another advantage to living in Switzerland is the almost non-existent crime rate. All levels of crime are some of the lowest in the world.

Breathtaking Natural Beauties

This small country boasts many beautiful lakes and mountains. Wherever you go, prepare to be dazzled by its fairytale-like lakes, valleys and mountain peaks covered by snow.

Many Opportunities for Outdoor Activities

Switzerland is home to some great outdoor activities. Thanks to its incredibly varied landscape, Switzerland is an ideal place for mountain climbing, skiing or hiking. Its lakes also offer a wide variety of sports activities.

Land of Arts and Crafts

When we say Switzerland, the first things that come to mind are usually the watches, chocolate, cheese. All these local produces are of superb quality, as expected from a country which has raised the bar so high in all other aspects of life.

There are many reasons why life in Switzerland is so gratifying, and we have mentioned just a few, as the entire list would be too long for a blog. We hope you still find this initial information useful.

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