5 Reasons to Study in Switzerland

5 Reasons to Study in Switzerland

To most people, Switzerland is best known for its watches, cheese, private banking and natural beauties. None of these, however, are the main reasons many young people decide to study in this country. There are many other arguments in favour of studying in this central European country.

Switzerland is a well-ordered country with high standard of living

Its legal framework serves as a benchmark in many countries, and most laws are voted on at a referendum, so they can be truly considered the will of the people.

The cost of living in Switzerland is high, but the living standard in the cities such as Zurich, Geneva or Bern is also high, which in itself is a good reason for a person to choose to move there.

Switzerland is a multicultural country with several official languages

Switzerland is a multicultural and multilingual country, which is also home to many international organisations and multinational companies. Swiss universities enrol many foreign students each year.

Switzerland is an excellent starting point to discover Europe. Thanks to international airports in Basel, Geneva and Zurich, and the incredibly efficient Swiss railway system, cities such as Paris, Rome, Vienna or Berlin are only a few hours away.

Switzerland is famous for excellent education

All Swiss universities excel in teaching and research, resulting in their consistent ranking among the best universities in the world. Swiss universities are ranked amongst the top 200 universities worldwide and around 50% of all students in Switzerland can claim to attend one of those top institutes.

Academic studies are organised at the ten Cantonal Universities and two Federal Institutes of Technology. There are seven public and two private Universities of Applied Sciences which focus on professional orientation.

Cost of studying in Switzerland is not exorbitant

Public universities provide academic education which is highly regarded anywhere in the world at the prices affordable to the Swiss but also to foreigners.

Switzerland is world renowned for innovations

Owing to the high educational standards of its universities, Switzerland is an innovative and competitive country. Swiss scientists are held in high esteem worldwide. Switzerland hosts many reputable institutions, such as the CERN Institute, based in Geneva. Private sector makes ample investments in research, particularly in the pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering sectors.

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