We've All Been There: Losing Motivation at University

We've All Been There: Losing Motivation at University

If you have once been to University or you are currently in, then you probably know how it feels to lose the meaning of being there too. More and more people experience this awkward feeling, so as to say the moment when you do not see the direction where are you going to. Have you ever thought about sharing your feelings with others who have already been through?

It Can Be Anything

There comes the time when we are not sure what for we are studying. Sometimes we ask ourselves why we do study in the first place. Or even worse, we realise what we study is not anymore what we want to do later. However, there may be other factors to contribute to losing motivation at University such as distraction, laziness, illness, financial and family problems. Some students just enjoy the life and forget about studying, by letting their amount of exams and tasks grow bigger and bigger. By avoiding, forgetting or being prevented to fulfil our duties we burden ourselves more and more till there is no chance we can see the way out. The initial belief or hope tends to disappear as we do nothing to make the situation better. How do we find a way out of demotivating ourselves?

Anything Can Be Solved

Whatever it is, whatever you want, you can do it. The only way to regain your motivation is if you really want it. Who really wants something, finds the solution. Who does not want something, comes up with excuses. One has to think that when something has already been started, then it should be finished too, if not it is not worth starting it. What really counts is to have something finished and achieved. Only then we can feel satisfied with ourselves. However, should we want to study something else, it is possible too. But first, consider all pros and cons. If you are already at the halfway or more through to finishing it, finish that and then start another one. It may be useful to have two different degrees.

What Do I Want To Do After Graduation?

Mostly, students are not sure what they want to be after getting the degree, but let’s finish the University first and then think about it. It can be very hard studying and passing the exams, but remember we have all been there. There is no such thing that a human being cannot learn because the man is born to learn. As so, he can reconsider what he was, what he is now, who he could be and what he wants to be. If there is no particular goal to accomplish, why not getting one goal done? Motivation may be gone for a while, but it can be back sooner than you think. You just have to embrace it and place your strength in the right place. By doing so, you will be surprised by finding out that your motivation has always been there. There are a few simple tips to remember: try to plan ahead, be organized, study nearly every day a little (it has to be regular) and the results will come. If you do so, your results will increase your motivation and you will succeed. Fail to do these few tips and your motivation will be gone and you will be back to score one. Don’t worry, you can always try again and be back on track!

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