The Biggest Pet Peeves for University Students

The Biggest Pet Peeves for University Students

What is that bothers university students the most? There is actually quite an astonishing number of things, but in today's blog we shared some of the most common among them.

Sharing Accommodation

First things first, before studying and during the student’s life, all students must find some kind of accommodation based on their financial situation, style of living and closeness to the university. To find the right one might be pretty annoying, and once found, there may not be an end to troubles. They will have to encounter a new challenging situation, manage to live with their roommates or flatmates. Living with them can be as much as one of the funniest, most interesting and wonderful experience, but also a seemingly never-ending nightmare. Not only could some of them be untidy, but also might be lazy with their cleaning tasks, leaving their dirty dishes and food waste everywhere in the kitchen. Moreover, they will be likely to get in fight with you, should you hesitate complaining about it. In addition to that, they could occupy the bathroom for a long time, taking long showers and leaving you without any warm water. The worst thing though is throwing a party by inviting some friends or listening to very loud music the night before your exam, causing your last revision to be unbearable.


Not only do the students have to get used to living with their possibly problematic roommates or flatmates, but also to taking transportation to the university. The best thing would be if they could avoid taking a bus full of people, which often happens to be late. Unluckily for some students, who do not have a chance to take a walk or ride a bicycle, or even go by car, the life with traffic seems to be quite a big problem. That leads to getting up much earlier than usual, should they have morning lectures.

Early Lectures

Presumably, most students would hate getting up early in the morning, except for those who may like it. Getting up early due to taking buses or even living close by the university, after late studying, doing home assignments, revising for an exam, celebrating birthday parties or travelling prior to the lessons or exam result in being quite exhausting and if repeated continuously may cause illness or weaken one’s immunity system.

Mandatory Lectures and Seminars

What students may hate the most are the mandatory lectures and seminars. One can be lazy enough to follow them, the other one can be clever enough to prepare for the exam on his own and pass it with flying colours without following any of them. What are these lectures and seminars mandatory for? Are they actually meant to help student? There is no point at forcing one to follow classes, when they do not want or cannot follow, or may even be prevented from coming due to an unexpected trouble. Some bored students use their laptops, tablets or phones to hang out on Facebook or go through websites, so their physical presence in the end is just that, because their minds tend to be elsewhere. Not to mention those who may be talking and making it very difficult to get notes for those who are present at the lesson and want to actually follow it. These students may find very annoying the presence of those who do not want to be there. The obligation to follow lesson should be only one’s will and responsibility. Without following, it may be much harder to get a degree, so it is your choice to make your life easier or harder.

Studying During the Summer

How can one study when outside the weather is perfect to do anything else. Some students may not have pleasant conditions while studying, and therefore suffer from high temperatures and difficult concentration. It would be much better if all the exams were to be taken only during autumn, winter and spring session.

The Moment Before an Exam

When it comes to taking an exam, it is incomparable to any previous difficulty so far. After studying a few weeks or a few months for one specific exam, you will never feel yourself ready the day you have to face it. Not even the biggest swot who always passes the exam like a piece of cake, will feel ready, and that explains why even they claim not to be prepared enough and to know nothing. It is because the blank mind is one thing in common all students have, prepared or not.


One of the biggest pet peeves, that often seems insurmountable and that students necessarily have to deal with is a certain amount of bureaucracy. That is where student’s expectations often come disappointed. It is a common knowledge that the bureaucracy is nowhere easy, but how difficult it in some places or countries is, comes as a bit of mixed shock and surprise. Nobody is prepared for that, no matter how hard they may claim to be. Bureaucracy happens to be the most difficult exam that you ever have to take in your life. This is what may prevent you even from studying in a foreign country, and sometimes unluckily not everything depends on you and your will to get through it. There will always be paperwork to be filled, documents to be made, place A, B or C where you will have to go to get things done concerning your permit of stay, scholarship or health insurance. Should you want to stay in your country or in a foreign one, these three things you will always have to encounter, but one of the most important is that one regarding your health. Should you happen to be ill, the burden of bureaucracy will be even harder to overcome.

All in all, there are a lot of things that might bother students, and there will always be some new ones to add to this list. However, it should not be an excuse not to achieve our goals. These peeves could be seen as challenges to overcome. There will always be some obstacles on the way of getting a degree, but do not let them to prevent you from graduating.

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