This is Why University Students Need Health Insurance

This is Why University Students Need Health Insurance

Many people would agree that studying is the most interesting and the most beautiful period of the adult life. However, it also brings a number of responsibilities and obligations, and the beginning of studies can be a particularly stressful period in the lives of young people. And if you have chosen to study or continue your education in a foreign country, then the number of things to pay attention to is even higher.

Health insurance is certainly one of the priorities of this list, because most countries, require evidence of international health insurance for students as a condition for a temporary residence permit. Previously, you should be well consulted on how the issue of health insurance for students is regulated in the country in which you plan your education. Some countries have more rigorous demands on health insurance for the students from abroad than others, an example of such is Switzerland.

Good to Know: Health Insurance in Switzerland

Of course, no one can predict the circumstances which can occur while studying abroad. It is therefore important to take care all the time and choose wisely the appropriate health insurance. In case you are planning to study in Switzerland, there are some certain regulations you should know about:

- it is mandatory that you obtain health insurance within 3 months of your arrival in Switzerland

- if you have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you may be exempted from holding health insurance

- you have to obtain health insurance plan that complies with the Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG/LAMal)

Regardless of whether you plan a graduate, a postgraduate, a doctoral or an internship program in Switzerland, it is best to look for a health insurance in accordance with your needs and budget.

Health Insurance for Students: Why Do I Need It?

If you have international health insurance for students, it automatically means that the cost of medical services in case of an accident or a sudden illness goes to the account of the insurer. Depending on the insurance policy by which you are fully or partially covered, you may find yourself in the following situations:

  • Medical services in a clinic
  • Hospital treatment
  • Delivery and legal abortion
  • X-ray and laboratory analysis
  • Drugs and medical supplies
  • Urgent visits to the dentist
  • Services of psychiatrist, orthopedist and speech therapist
  • Vaccination
  • Alternative treatment
  • Evacuation to the country of origin
  • Transportation of mortal remains

  • What Should I Know More about Health Insurance Policies for Students?

    A quality insurance for students abroad covers you around the world for a period of one year, including the repatriation. It also covers both the spouse and the children of the insured person for the same period of time.

    It is always better to get personally adapted to your needs insurance plan from international full-service broker and consulting firm. When choosing an insurance company, it's important that your service be available 24/7 in your native language in case of an accident. And that's always the first thing you should do - call the contact person, and then proceed to the instructions given. Never randomly go to the nearest medical facility, because it may not be part of the network of medical centers of your insurance policy, and you will have to pay the cost of treatment from your own pocket.

    It is always good to have with you a copy of the insurance policy or the number of contact services, so that you can make a call yourself or that someone can do that for you. And keep in mind that your low price policy won’t mean anything to you if it does not guarantee a quality medical service when you need it the most.

    A quality international student visa is a prerequisite for a period of study abroad to be a relaxed adventure full of wonderful memories.

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