Accommodation Options for International Students in Switzerland

Accommodation Options for International Students in Switzerland

Are you interested to study in Switzerland and pursue your bachelor, master or PhD in this country? If you are then you should start thinking about accommodation as soon as possible! Switzerland is one of the most expensive places where to live during studying or working. However, it is not impossible to find the perfect place where to stay. Here are some possibilities that you may consider. International students often look for university accommodation, private accommodation and homestays.

University Can Help You

The easiest way of finding a place where to stay is to search for a university accommodation, should there be any available. Unless you can afford to rent a private accommodation, this should be the perfect choice in order to save some money. There are numerous housing offices available that could be easily checked on the universities’ websites. Universities offer rooms for international students for a cheaper price in comparison to a private accommodation. To lead you into some insight, the price range for one bedroom in a student accommodation varies from 500 CHF to 800 CHF. The bad side of it is that there is a limited number of rooms, so it is advisable to apply in advance, possibly few months before your departure. If you are lucky to get first to the room, you will probably live close to university, to the centre and to other facilities, and in addition to that you will spend less money during your stay. Here you can find a list of apartment and room-finding services for students.

Do It Yourself

If there are no rooms available in the International student’s houses, do not lose hope. There is still the possibility for you to find a suitable flat or room, although this option is likely to cost much more. The price range for one room in a shared flat is between 800 CHF and 1500 CHF, depending on the proximity to the city centre and on the city you are going to move in. Zurich, Basel and Geneva are the most expensive cities of the country.

By choosing to share a flat with other flatmates you can decisively spend less and have the chance to meet other people, learn new languages and experience new cultures. However, if you do not prefer this option and you are ready to spend more you can look for a studio flat to live alone or to share with people you know. For both options, there are positive and negative side at the same time. Try balancing your preferences and budget in order to find your optimal accommodation and be careful when signing a contract. Either you will confront other people, who can be bad or good, and spend less, or you will be enjoying your freedom and space but pay more. If you wish to search your future accommodation by yourself, you can take a glance to these websites:, and

Live With a Swiss Family

If you are interested into getting to know the locals and experience their lifestyle along learning better a foreign language, the perfect option is to live with them. Some students prefer to rent a room in a flat or house of a Swiss family in order to experience the stay from an insider point of view. It is a great idea, because you can have a unique life experience and bond with a second family, to which you can ask for further help if you get on well with it. Sometimes homestays may actually be a cheaper solution as some family offer affordable prices.

All in all, there are three possibilities in order to find accommodation. Remember to start looking as soon as possible, and do not wait to apply early if you want to get a university accommodation! Another tip is to calculate your future expenses and your budget to get some idea of what kind of accommodation should you look for. Good luck with research and have fun during your stay!

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