The Most Popular Master's Degrees Among International Students in Switzerland

The Most Popular Master's Degrees Among International Students in Switzerland

Are you thinking about pursuing a master degree in Switzerland, but you are still undecided? Well, you shouldn’t be. Switzerland is widely known for the great variety of its excellent study programmes, especially masters. As there are enough of them for all the students who come from all over the world to study there, then why shouldn’t there be some interesting for you too? Here you can read about some of the most popular ones chosen from international students.


Finance is surely one of them. Finance degrees teach students about management of money, and studies all the stages of acquiring and allocating capitals which are needed for the investments. Life is not all about money, but wouldn’t you like to know how you should invest your money to even make more money? Finance experts make these kinds of decisions every day. If you are good with numbers, you should give it a go!

Business Administration

In a Business Administration master, you will have to learn how to keep track of the performance in a company and apply important decisions. All this with the purpose of creating a more profitable business. If you are into administration and want to discover its secrets, here is the right master degree for you. Choose it and you are bound to have business to do all over the world, because every company needs someone to take care of their business.

International Law

International law programmes are designed for those who wish to pursue a career in law with a strong specialization in the international community and global affairs. A master of International Law really pays back. Graduation from this kind of master can lead to employment in various government agencies, international agencies and tribunals, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations and private law firms.


Engineering is a diversified discipline, with employment opportunities in many fields, such as construction, design, manufacturing and many more. By choosing to pursue your master in this sector, you could make the difference in the world by creating new transport solutions, buildings or new technologies. Engineers are seen as dynamic and ambitious people and are as well respected.

International Business

International Business is about the commercial exchange of products and services among individuals and trading companies from different countries. If you have and you want to improve your negotiation abilities and learn how a business is conducted in an international environment, then this is the master for you. And what is better than pursuing this field of study in a country where four official languages are spoken and with the highest concentration of multiculturalism?


Where is a work to do, there is the necessity of organizing and controlling it. This might result in a very stressful job, but also very interesting and challenging. Not only will you be in charge, but you will also have the control. Not to forget, it is a great deal of responsibility. If you consider yourself suitable for this kind of job, with a master in Management obtained in Switzerland your chances of employment would considerably arise. Switzerland is considered to have the best universities and master programmes in this field, so no doubt your future is going to take a turn.

Computer Science

Same old, same old, computer science is the future. In a world of technology and innovation, computer guys are always needed. No doubt, they are always the first ones to find a job. It is a highly estimated master degree and as such you will have much better chances if you study it in Switzerland. That way you can have the opportunity to find a job in a country with a very high standard of living and consequently very high salaries. If you are interested in this field you should know that the ETH Zurich is ranked in the top three universities in the world in which to study Computer Science.

There are many more master degrees, but these ones are currently among the most popular. The selection depends on your interest and what you have studied so far. However, if your desire and bachelor degree do not correspond with the mentioned ones, here you can do some research and find the suitable one. Good luck with your decision!

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