Why Should You Choose Zurich as Your Study Destination?

Why Should You Choose Zurich as Your Study Destination?

If you are seeking for a reason to choose Zurich as your study destination, there are enough of them to convince you and make sure you don’t regret this decision. Which city comes first to your mind when thinking of a possibility of studying in Switzerland? Most probably it is Zurich. Why is that? There are some strongly convincing facts to underline why Zurich is the best option.

The Biggest City in Switzerland

As first, it is the biggest city in Switzerland as it counts approximately 1 900 000 inhabitants. It means that it is the city that has most to offer: more places, possibilities and study programmes to choose. Furthermore, more people to be met, more sightseeing to be done, more places to be visited, more to be experienced, more universities to be chosen and more job opportunities to be taken.

Heart of Europe

Not only is Zurich situated in the heart of Europe, but is also close to the Alps. Being in the centre of Europe is of a great significance, as it is well connected with all other important cities in Europe, as well outside Europe with its international airport. If you have a desire to travel during your study, here is the chance to be taken, just waiting for you. Zurich itself is one of the most beautiful and appalling cities to live in, so if you want to visit other places, better start organizing your time and trips.

Embraced by the Alps

Snow-capped mountains are overall to be seen, because the Alps are surrounding Zurich, as though they were protecting its beauty and at the same time taking your breath away with its fresh air. If you love skiing, here you can go skiing in your free time during winter or if you don’t ski, it is never late to learn if you are interested in trying it.

High Standards of Living

What this city famous for is of course its high standards of living. It is one of the best cities in the world to live according to many studies, due to its quality of life, high salaries and excellent organization. The only downside is that it is also the most expensive city in Switzerland. So without money, scholarship or work you are unlikely to last long. But not to worry, being one of the most expensive city means also getting a very high salary in the future.

Internationally Ranked Universities

Zurich offers excellent universities and some of them are internationally ranked: ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology); University of Zurich (UZH). Choosing the right university that suits you the most is of a great importance, as your degree will be highly appreciated and you are likely to find a job quickly after graduation. The most important thing is to study what you like and therefore work later what you like.

Great Chance of Employment

Switzerland is well known for the high employment rate after graduation, both in Zurich and internationally. That means that you can easily find work in Zurich and abroad, because the degrees obtained in these universities are recognized all over the world and highly estimated. Some of the most famous scientists, like Albert Einstein or Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, did indeed study in Zurich universities. And what better choice there is than studying in this city?

Unique Experience of Living and Studying

By studying in Zurich, you may have the chance to work and live there later too. However, if not, you will at least have the opportunity to live in one of the richest and most beautiful places in the world. For short or long time, no one can take away this experience from you. Zurich is unique and will remain a unique experience in your life. By choosing to study here, you can have both, the opportunity to live in this city and the possibility of a good employment afterwards.

Your Choice

In a nutshell, Zurich is a wonderful city, a real “top touristic destination”, but what really counts is what this city could mean for you and your future career. Better try this experience and then maybe regret, then regret that you have never tried.

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