Things to Consider When Looking for a Job in Switzerland

Things to Consider When Looking for a Job in Switzerland

Switzerland, as one of the most prosperous countries in the world, attracts high percentage of international students. Some of those students are often interested in finding a job besides studying in order to earn little extra money.

When international students are looking for a job in Switzerland there are many things to consider and the text below will be a great guide for you as you choose your job.

Residence permit and visa

Before finding a job in Switzerland it is important for students to have a residence permit for their period of study. Also, if you live outside of the EU/EFTA you will need a student visa. Here you can read which countries do not need a visa.

Working hours

As an international student, you are not legally allowed to work more than 15h per week during the semester. If you are living outside of the EU/EFTA you must wait for six months after the beginning of your studies to potentially start working.


Besides the English language it would be to your advantage to speak German( the most widely spoken language in Switzerland), French and Italian. Also, some local websites are entirely in German or French. Always have in mind that different jobs offer different language requirements.

Ways to look for a job

We strongly advise you to look for a job in local newspapers, job websites, student associations. Here you can find a list of useful links which may help you in your job pursuit. Good luck!

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