Working while Studying

Working while Studying

It is a common experience for students to work during their studies. In practice working while studying is difficult, but not impossible. Having a part-time job can give students valuable work skills and essential work habits. But here is the tricky thing: How to balance education and work as a college student? This is the question that has been bothering students for a while...

A Necessity

Working a part-time job is a necessity for some students and that is the reality. Tuition costs and living expenses are one of the reasons why they need to work during studies. According to some surveys most students are working because of money concerns and not because of gaining work experience.

The Less Positive Side

The less positive side is that the vast majority of students need to sacrifice their breaks and holidays because of their demanding jobs. In addition, students who work while attending college have less time to study which can compromise their academic performance overall. Also, attending demanding classes, completing assignments and spending time with your friends while working can be draining. It is important to note that studying should be one of the main priorities in your life.

What is the Advantage of Working?

There is no doubt that one of the biggest advantages is gaining work experience. Teamwork skills and personal development are also some of the advantages. Not only you will learn a lot about particular job, but also you will make some really useful contacts. Students can learn a lot about responsibility and how to appreciate the value of money. Also, the extra money from part-time job lets you cover the cost of living and other necessities.

Balancing Work and College

Although difficult , it is quite possible to balance your work and college. How is that even possible? It's pretty simple. By learning how to multitask, you can organise your time better. Try having a planner so that you can keep everything on track. Also, try to find on-campus job if possible or a job that is short away from your home. Finding a job related to your major can be helpful. Last but not least, always remember that you are in college to get degree.

Working While Studying in Switzerland

If you are an international student looking for a job in Switzerland, here are the things we thought you should know to help you through the job search process:

  • International students cannot work more than 15 hours a week (you don't have to worry about it taking over your entire time).
  • During semester holidays international students can work up to 100%.
  • Students from outside the EU/EFTA countries may start working only 6 months after starting their degree program.

Please have in mind that the rules and regulations may have changed in the meantime.

Here you will find useful links which can help you in your job search.

If you have a part-time job and you would like to share your experience with us, please use the comment section. We will be more than glad to read them all.

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