University: Expectations Vs. Reality

University: Expectations Vs. Reality

University education has so many benefits: students are given the chance to experience other cultures, they are more likely to find employment after graduation and university is a place where students build their independence. However, sometimes students' expectations about university are far from reality.

We have selected several examples, have a look:

Expectation: I can study for an exam the night before

Reality: Studying the night before the exam is a terrible idea. It is stressful and you won't be able to remember all the information you need, not to mention you will be tired during the exam.

Expectation: I will go to bed early

Reality: Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is difficult, not to say impossible. According to some research, the majority of students tend to fall asleep late.

Expectation: I will never get homesick

Reality: The majority of university students experience homesickness during their first year of studies. Homesickness is a normal feeling caused by moving away from your homeland, family and friends.

Expectation: Every lecture will be interesting

Reality: Sorry to disappoint you, but not every lecture will be interesting and engaging. Students often complain about being bored during lectures. They are strongly against endless PowerPoint slides and traditional way of teaching.

Expectation: University is easier than high school

Reality: Well, that's not quite true. Universities are more challenging and demanding. They require more dedication and there is a lot more stress in universities in general. Yes, you have fewer assignments than you had in high school, but you will have to study a whole lot more in university.

Expectation: I will eat healthy food and exercise every day

Reality: It can be pretty hard for university students to eat well and exercise daily. What is the reason behind this situation? Well, students often don't have enough time to eat or prepare proper food and exercise daily. Eating ramen noodles is sometimes more convenient during the exam period than going to a dining hall.

Expectations: I will study during my free time

Reality: We are sure you will make the most out of your free time, but will you study during that time - we don't think so! Some students take advantage of their free time to go out with friends, some of them just relax and do nothing.

Expectations: I will never skip a lecture

Reality: Attending every single lecture during the study period is ''mission impossible''.

A word from the editors: We strongly recommend you to attend every lecture, because it is the most efficient way to learn the study material.

What do you think about these examples? We would love to hear your views on this!

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