How to Deal With Homesickness at University

How to Deal With Homesickness at University

Almost every international student has been homesick at one point during the academic career. Adjusting to a new environment and culture is a stressful experience for students, even if the move to a foreign country represents something positive in their lives.

For anyone experiencing homesickness, it is important to remember that this feeling doesn't last forever and it is completely normal to feel homesick for some period of time.

In today's blog we have gathered some of the best ideas to help you feel less homesick.


Exercise is maybe one of the best ways to beat homesickness because it can boost your overall mood. Some studies have shown that people who engage in regular exercise are more distracted from negative thoughts. If you cannot afford to go to the gym you can start jogging around your local area. You can also download a bunch of free workout apps or you can rent a bicycle.

Keep in Touch With Loved Ones

It is amazing how technology has made our lives easier. Today, by using social media you can stay in touch with your loved ones from all corners of the globe. Talking with your family and friends is a fantastic way to reduce homesickness. However, be careful not to call them too often! Try to spend more time communicating with people at the university.

Spend Time With Friends

Don't isolate yourself and don't spend too much time alone! Spend quality time with your friends because it is essential that you have someone you can rely on. Socializing will make you feel less homesick and there is no better way to clear your mind than having positive people around you.

Think Positive

The power of positive thinking can help you reduce homesickness. Try to make an effort to notice the good things about studying abroad. Accept the changes and focus on making the best memories. By accepting changes you are much less likely to think about coming back home. Allow yourself to experience new things and work on positive thinking every day.

Cook Your Favorite Meals

If you are feeling down in the dumps you can always prepare your favorite meals. Invite your new friends over and show them your cooking techniques.

You can also try the following ways:

- keep yourself busy (join a society, find a new hobby)

- explore your surroundings

- keep a journal

- meet someone new

Share your experience with us! What techniques have you used to reduce homesickness? Have you tried some of these ideas? Please, leave your comments below.

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