All You Need to Know about Student Accommodation in Switzerland

All You Need to Know about Student Accommodation in Switzerland

Without a doubt, Swiss universities are one of the most prestigious in the world. Every year they attract thousands of students from all around the world. Multilingualism, high quality of life, scholarship opportunities are the main reasons for foreign students to come and study in Switzerland.

While the benefits of studying in Switzerland are big, the cost of living is immensely high. That is why we decided to write about general accommodation to help foreign students find out more.

Accommodation options


Most Swiss universities offer on-campus accommodations where students have the best college facilities. Living on a university campus is not obligatory, of course. Price range is between 360 and 800 EUR per month.


Second options for international students are apartments which you can rent or share with somebody. Average price range is around 650 and 800 EUR per month. Have in mind that prices may vary and they are usually higher in the cities. Also, sometimes is quite a challenge to find available rooms in major cities.


In case you did not manage to get any accommodation you should try finding hostels. They always have available rooms and can come in handy while you look for a perfect solution. An average price per night starts from 40 EUR.

Our advice for you is to start your search for right accommodation as soon as you receive a letter of acceptance.

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