Top 5 Challenges International Students Face and How to Overcome Them

Top 5 Challenges International Students Face and How to Overcome Them

Studying abroad has a lot of benefits. International students have a great opportunity to experience new customs and different way of life. Also, they have a chance to develop their language skills, a chance to become more independent. Of course, studying abroad has its challenges...

Here are a few of those crucial challenges and some ideas how to overcome them.

New Culture

The process of learning about new culture can be challenging because it gives you a whole new perspective and understanding of other people's points of view. It takes time to understand all the cultural differences and some students will iniatially feel like a stranger in a new country.

How to Overcome the Culture Shock?

You have to be open-minded about the people and the country where you are living because not only you will gain opportunity to think differently, but also you will gain additional knowledge. The opportunity to learn about different customs, traditions will allow you to gain a broad worldview.


A foreign language can be a barrier for international students upon their arrival in a new country. Not only it is hard for them to fully understand what the professors are saying, but also it is not easy for them to participate in class discussions.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

Be patient and don't be afraid to ask for clarification. Also, many universities offer courses to international students which can help you improve your language skills.

Financial aspects

University expenses can be overwhelming and many students struggle with their finances. Students spend a lot of money on textbooks, accommodation, food, tuition, technology and socializing.

Overcoming Financial Problems

Finding a part-time job is a good idea for international students. With extra money you can cover the expenses and you can have your own source of income.

Here are some useful links for international students looking for a part-time job in Switzerland.


It is quite normal to feel homesick because you are away from home and separated from someone who is important for you.

How to Deal With Homesickness?

Keep yourself busy with something. Talk with people, make new friends, explore the surroundings or do a volunteer work. Just keep a positive attitude.

Time Management

Due to everyday commitments international students often struggle with time management. Many students have more responsibilities and assignments than when they attented High School, and universities in general require a lot of intensive work.

How to Manage Your Time in University?

Don't spend time doing unnecessary things. Avoid spending large amounts of time on social media. Make a priority list to keep yourself organized and use your time productively, but make sure to allow yourself time to do something fun or relaxing.

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