University of Lugano

The University of Lugano is one of the most international universities in Switzerland and it was founded in 1995. Also, it is the only Italian-speaking university in the country with courses taught in Italian and English. It comprises 4 faculties: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Faculty of Informatics. The university offers students high-quality facilities. It approximately enrolls 2000- 3000 students.
  • Address: Via Lambertenghi 10a
    CH-6904 Lugano, Lugano (main)
     Mendrisio (Accademia di Architettura), Ticino
  • Telephone: +41 58 666 47 95
  • Official website:

Fields of Study

  • Engineering
  • Law, Economics, Business Administration/Management
  • Linguistics and Literary Studies, Communication
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Social Sciences


  • Architecture
  • Communication Sciences
  • Economics
  • Informatics
  • Italian Studies